KOTEX  (ex. since 2000)

Software for Computer Aided Design
(mainly steel structures)

This page looks quite modest, but our Software for design of civil engineering steel structures is really good!


C Prof E
Kotwa 2009
Kozob E
Norma E
(replaces Norma 2007 )
Pol-Stal 4.0
TarKas 1.0

Polish version: flaga of PL

This is a picture from one of our trips:

Latvija: Gauja river - Red Rocks. Paddling to Baltic Sea

PhD civ. eng. Aleksandra Kociatkiewicz

civ. eng. Krzysztof Kociatkiewicz

Królowej Marysieńki Str. 26c

02-954 Warszawa (Poland)

ph.: +48 602 664 904
        +48 22 642 61 39


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